FMG Christmas Creek

The Christmas Creek mine site approached Thermal Engineering with a cooling requirement of 900kW for their Ore Processing Facility crushers. As this was larger than what could be fulfilled economically with the Thermal Mining Range of chillers an alternate solution was required. York was approached to provide the chiller units that came in a range of pre-packaged options up to 1800kW.

As the site ran both crushers and HPGR’s that required different cooling temperatures a custom solution was required to take the constant 10°C water produced by the chillers and create appropriate process cooling water loops that were at the correct temperatures. Thermal Engineering designed a skid that utilised insulated tanks, duty/standby pumps, heat exchangers and actuated valves to suit the customer’s requirements. The unit was controlled by a slave PLC that monitored the various sensors and valves located around the pumping skid and fed back to the main site controls.

This is just another example of how Thermal Engineering’s expertise through quality design and manufacture gave our customer the confidence to return to us for their next cooling project.

M5834 OPF2 01
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M5834 OPF2 01
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Project Type

Custom Package


FMG – Christmas Creek


OPF1 – April 2018, OPF2 – May 2021

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