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For mining projects on a smaller scale with a lower demand for cooling and a more forgiving environment, we recommend our Light Mining (LM) chillers. While these chillers are smaller in capacity compared to HM chiller range, they are perfectly suited for machinery and operations with lower heat loads in more protected locations.

Additionally, they have are a much smaller footprint so they are the ideal choice when space is at a premium.

Our LM chiller range maintains the same focus on safety and reliability that is needed on any mining application. These chillers are designed to operate in 50oC ambient temperatures with maintainability and simple functionality at the forefront of the design.

Custom Chiller Engineering

Chillers for Light Mining Applications

Our light mining (LM) range of chillers, like our heavy mining (HM) chillers, are engineered to operate in high ambient temperatures of up to 50°C. However, unlike the HM, the LM range is tailored specially for applications with much lower cooling capacity requirements. Despite the reduced capacity, these chillers excel even in harsh conditions, thanks to their advanced technology and robust construction.

LM chillers serve different cooling needs, from safety shower network cooling to potable water storage cooling. With a range of customisable options available, we can ensure you get the perfect cooling equipment to suit your needs.

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Safety Shower Network Cooling

Maintain a safe operating temperature with our light mining chiller for your safety shower networks. This cooling system is excellent for use in emergency safety showers and eye wash stations.

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Potable Water Storage Cooling

Cool drinking water is essential in a mine site or any working environment with high ambient temperatures. Keep stored potable or drinking water safe and cool with our LM chillers.

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Ore Sampling Laboratory Equipment Cooling (XRF & Fusion)

Ore sampling labs use specialised equipment, including X-ray fluorescence (XRF) analysers and fusion machines, to analyse samples. These machines generate a lot of heat, and therefore our light mining chiller can be of assistance.

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Take A Look At Our Light Mining Projects

Our expertise in mining chillers has allowed us to successfully execute a number of projects involving our light mining chiller range, from cooling safety shower networks to providing precision cooling for ore sampling laboratory equipment. These projects demonstrate the efficiency and versatility of our LM chillers to meet the evolving cooling requirements of the mining and industrial sectors.

Novatron Safety Shower ROM 4 NPI Chillers

Thermal Engineering was engaged by a water treatment contractor to provide an air-cooled chiller to supplement their offer of a safety shower network on the Roy Hill Mine site. With high ambient temperatures of 50°C and a list of mine site specifications to be adhered to Thermal proposed one of our Light Mining (LM) chillers. The 107kW base cooling capacity was provided by a CA115 model chiller manufactured in Victoria, Australia.

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For over three decades, Thermal Engineering has worked in the ever-changing world of cooling. We have provided different solutions to meet the unique requirements of mine sites, as well as other similar working environments. Our dedication to achieving cooling excellence has led us to develop a light mining chiller range to serve smaller mining projects and ensure interrupted operations.

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