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Engineered Solutions for Large Capacity Mining

Every mining operation is unique, with different equipment, personnel sizes, and operational complexities, to name a few. Whilst a single chiller may suffice to cool the area, staff, or machinery, others face more intricate cooling demands. This is true, especially for those utilising diverse equipment, which is where our Large Capacity Mining (LCM) chillers truly excel.

Our LCM range of chillers spans from 200kW to 1200kW ensuring they are up to the task of even the largest cooling requirements. Featuring a full IP66 control panel with segregated voltages this product range is the perfect solution for your mining operations where safety and robustness are at the forefront of any operator’s mind.

One chiller won’t cover your cooling requirements? The expert team at Thermal Engineering can design and engineer a custom solution incorporating multiple chillers to ensure whatever the size of your project we have got you covered.

Thermal Engineering Large Capacity Mining Chillers

What Are The Large Capacity Mining Applications?

Large mining equipment can be made up of many parts that all have a cooling requirement, to avoid getting an individual solution for each item utilise the LCM range of chillers that can combine multiple cooling requirements into a single package. You need various outgoing temperatures? Not a problem, get in touch with Thermal Engineering today to find out more on how our custom plant packages are the perfect solution for complex cooling situations.

Mining Mill HPGR

Mill and HPGR (High pressure grinding rolls)

Specific applications need precise temperature control. It becomes more complicated when they require multiple temperatures & flows across various plant components.

Mills, which are large industrial machines utilised for grinding down ore, play a fundamental role in extracting valuable minerals from that raw ore, they also have diverse and expansive cooling requirements. Alternatively, or in addition to, high-pressure grinding rolls (HPRGs), also used for grinding ore into ultra-fine pieces, also require precise temperature control to ensure efficient and consistent operation.

Whether you use mills, HPGRs, or perhaps a combination of both, it should be noted that these machines generate significant heat during operation. Reliable cooling is essential to maintain their temperature within the optimal range so they work properly and efficiently. This is why our mining plant package for mills and HPGRs is suitable for these unique cooling requirements.

Centralised Cooling Systems

Centralised cooling systems

Laboratories, safety showers, eye wash stations, and other facilities require cooling, as well. Whilst they have low-capacity demands individually, combined they can all add up. This is what our centralised cooling systems are for. This mining cooling package is engineered to deliver reliable cooling with precision to multiple pieces of equipment or service areas.

Our centralised cooling systems offer versatility and adaptability, as they can be tailored to meet specific cooling needs without going over the budget. No more worries about overheated equipment and delayed operations when your mining plant is cool with consistent and stable temperatures.

Complex Cooling Requirement No project is to simple or complex for Thermal Engineering

Our Completed Large Capacity Mining Projects

At Thermal Engineering, we have a number of successful projects involving mining plant packages that our team designed and implemented for specific mine sites and operations. We have tailored multi-megawatt chiller systems, along with low-capacity centralised setups, for Tier-1, 2, and 3 miners. Explore our projects to see our consistent dedication to delivering reliable and innovative cooling solutions to our valued clients.

As the site ran multiple crushers that required multiple cooling temperatures a custom solution was required to take the constant 10°C water produced by the chillers and create appropriate process cooling water loops that were at the correct temperatures. Thermal Engineering designed a skid that utilised insulated tanks, duty/standby pumps, heat exchangers and actuated valves to suit the customer’s requirements.

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Thermal Engineering has been in the cooling industry since 1991. Our three decades of experience speak for our commitment to achieving cooling expertise in various sectors, especially mining. It is our mission to address and transform the industry’s cooling methodologies with our innovative solutions, which we offer individually and through our mining plant packages.

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