Get To Know OUR TEAM

Introducing the team at Thermal Engineering, dedicated to delivering high-quality products and services. We offer expertise in engineering support, technical design, equipment manufacturing, and meticulous servicing. Our commitment extends to projects of all scales, ensuring optimal performance.

At Thermal, we provide a comprehensive support package, covering service, commissioning, technical support, and parts supply. In our vision at Thermal Engineering, we emphasise leveraging technology through research and development to simplify challenges.

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Gary Itzstein

Our visionary founder, owner, and director, Gary, brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to Thermal Engineering.
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General Manager

Brandon Gibbs

Our project manager oversees major mining projects whilst also managing engineering and documentation control, among others.
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Office Administrator

Teresa Fletcher

A stalwart team member for over 10 years, Teresa ensures that all admin functions run seamlessly.
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Mining Administrator/Draftsman

Valdimir Shotton

As our primary draftsman, Valdimir meticulously creates detailed 3D models of our chillers.