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Various commercial and industrial applications, such as manufacturing and chemical processing, can benefit from precise temperature control for specific processes or to make sure that machinery remains cool when running. A fluid chiller is particularly useful for this purpose, as it is an energy-efficient mechanical device designed to remove heat from a liquid. It works by circulating a liquid, typically water or a water-glycol mixture, through a refrigeration cycle.

Thermal Engineering’s range by Fluid Chillers Australia (FCA) offer numerous advantages, from preventing overheating of sensitive equipment to maintaining consistent temperatures to enhance process efficiency. Regardless of the goal and industry, this range of chillers play a pivotal role in preserving product integrity and optimising operations.

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Since 1991, Thermal Engineering has been at the forefront of delivering advanced cooling solutions for many companies in a diverse array of industries across Australia. Upon recognising the growing demand for precision temperature control, we forged a partnership with Fluid Chillers Australia in 2007 to expand our product range, providing tailored chiller solutions for the plastic and food industry, as well as wineries and dairies.

This collaboration has helped various businesses, particularly those that rely heavily on thermal management, to safeguard their critical machinery and improve their operations. At Thermal Engineering, we believe that the right fluid chiller can make a huge difference in several areas, from upholding product quality to reducing downtime and enhancing process efficiency.

Model CA Chiller

Model CA Chiller

Duty: 11 kW to 216 kW

  • Fully weather proof heavy gauge Galvabond steel frame and panels, with a powder coat finish.
  • Controls standard for normal or low temperature application.
  • Electronic Temperature Controller.

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