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When you need aqua coolers, look no further. Thermal Engineering supplies cooling devices and solutions from Aqua Cooler, one of the most prominent names in cooling technology. Established in 1994, Aqua Cooler has a rich heritage in cooling, dating back to 1946. That’s why it is one of the most trusted brands in the region.

We have full confidence in Aqua Cooler’s expertise, which spans a wide range of cooling solutions. Their product line includes drinking water coolers for offices and public spaces and industrial process chillers useful for numerous applications. With our commitment to quality, Aqua Cooler is a trusted choice as they are known for products built to the highest standards, certifying resilience and lasting performance.

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Reliable and durable, Aqua Cooler products are known to last even when exposed to harsh conditions. Thermal Engineering can assist you in finding a suitable solution for you, particularly if you have unique cooling requirements. We can offer tailored cooling, including options that put great emphasis on sustainability and environmental considerations.

At Thermal Engineering, we continually invest in research and development so we can come up with cutting-edge solutions for our customers. Explore our range of Aqua Cooler products below.

AC Gladiator

Model Aqua Cooler

Duty: 1.5 kW to 200 kW

  • Hydrophilic-coated aluminium condenser fins with an upgrade e-coating option for additional corrosion protection.
  • High-quality build with galvanised frames and panels forming a stylish and practical structure.
  • Internal buffer tanks ensure that temperature remains more consistent under varying loads.
  • Simple to use PCB controller; Set-and-forget reliability.

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