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Chiller servicing and maintenance will always be essential in ensuring the equipment’s longevity, reliability, and efficiency. No matter the industry, the goal is to reduce equipment downtimes and malfunctions. Unfortunately, it is often a difficult task with a long list of to-dos, which may include noting the refrigerant and oil levels, inspecting fans, and checking evaporator water temperature differentials. No worries; we’ve got you covered.

Decades OF Servicing Experience

Thermal Engineering is your partner in keeping your chiller up and running at its peak efficiency. With our proactive approach, we can help certify proper and safe coolers all year round, especially when you need them most.

The Types Of Chiller Servicing We Offer

Regular maintenance and servicing of your chillers is of paramount importance. That’s why Thermal Engineering offers necessary services that Tier 1 mining companies trust and use. These services ensure chillers remain reliable, durable, and efficient. Explore our comprehensive range of chiller servicing offerings that aim to help you stay in total control of your cooling needs.

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Oil & Water Sample Analysis

Ensuring your compressor oil is in top condition is essential to the longevity of your chiller. We assess and provide a report on not only oil but also the water travelling through the chiller circuits to stay on top of contamination that may be building up over time.

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Chiller Servicing

Routine maintenance and inspections ensure your chiller systems are fully optimised and reach or even exceed their expected lifespan. Our expert team of technicians will ensure your chiller is kept in excellent working order.

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Condition Reporting

We are able to offer a full condition report on your chillers that may not have a full-service history. Whether they have been in storage or you have inherited an older chiller we offer several options including test running to let you know what condition your chiller is in.

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Trouble Shooting

Let our knowledgeable team help you solve the problem you are experiencing with your chiller. With several options available from on-site to over the phone our team will help you get back up and running in no time. If you have a maintenance plan with us, we offer this service complimentary to say thankyou for trusting us with your chiller’s health.

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Commissioning Support

Regardless of it being a local or remote location our team is ready to assist you with commissioning your chiller. Comprehensive checks along with test runs ensures your chiller is dialled in to produce the exact cooling that you require.

Thermal Engineering is all about helping you achieve high productivity and efficiency in your operations. That’s why we want to assist you in ensuring you have a well-maintained cooling system you can depend on throughout the year. This is what our Service and Maintenance Programs are for, which we have designed to support your chiller units so they perform their best at every turn.

We have created these programs with the deliberate purpose of staying aligned with the manufacturers’ recommendations. That way, you can be confident you’re following the instructions and benefit from the maximum potential your cooling system can provide.

At Thermal Engineering, we don’t treat regular servicing and maintenance as a mere task but rather as strategic advantages. We strongly believe they are sound practices that play a pivotal role in significantly reducing running costs whilst extending your chiller’s lifespan. That’s why our support extends even to those who do not have our chillers onsite.

ABOUT Service & Maintenance Programs

Chiller Service Maintenance Programs

Chiller Service & Maintenance​ FAQs

Regular servicing is crucial for maintaining the reliability, durability, and efficiency of chillers. Thermal Engineering’s maintenance programs align with manufacturers’ recommendations to maximise cooling system potential and reduce running costs.

We specialise in mining and industrial chillers, the chiller may have been obtained from another source, but we are more than happy to create a service plan for it.

We understand the importance of having a Perth-based maintenance crew for your system and cooling. Whether it’s located at a mine in the north of WA or a suburb of Perth we can work with you to provide the best solution.

Get in touch with us. Starting the conversation is the best way for us to understand your needs, your chiller and how we can help you keep it running at its best efficiency.

One of our team will get back to you and organise a call or visit to the chiller to discuss the best option to move forward and keep everything running smoothly.

Yes we do, each package is tailored to your chiller solution and we don’t have a one-size-fits-all approach. Depending on the usage, capacity and environment, chillers will need different maintenance schedules.
This could also tie into any liability, policy and compliance needs that your company has to maintain.

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